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  • Session time for the professional massage can be up to and past 1½ hours depending on your needs!
  • The students massage is any style including spa treatments & hot stones.
  • Information about our massage clinic appointments with our massage techniques and how they are used.
To schedule a student or professional massage at the clinic, you may either call 405-420-9516 or click a note here.


IMTC massage student with client

We at IMTC created a program to help qualified students, enrolled in our Program 5 with tuition cost. When you visit our massage clinic and pay for a student massage you are helping that student attend school and reducing the out of pocket cost of tuition and giving yourself a healthy dose of massage therapy.


At IMTC we attend many chair events throughout the state and if we receive money for the event we put that money into our scholarship program to aid our students. We also donate our time for events because our massage students love experience.

If you have a special event coming up, contact STUDENT SERVICES so we can help your event be healthier and relaxing.

A Community Program Event

IMTC Massage Chair Event

A Community Program Event

Students Massage Chair Event


IMTC brings the public a one hour workshop. This workshop will cover how to work a knot out of a back, or shoulder, how to relieve a headache. You know that kind of headache where you take all kinds of medicine and it still hangs out in your head. What to do about those aching feet and how to use a chair you have at home for a quick 5 minute chair massage to give a little more energy or to relax. Massage therapy is doubled sided and can aid with extra energy or helping a person sleep. We at IMTC know receiving a massage on a regular bases is important and some knowledge to use on yourself and your loved ones is even better.


Our workshop is scheduled on Thursday evening and Saturday and Sunday. Times vary and you must be scheduled to attend.

You may call 405.420.9516 to schedule with one of our up-coming workshops, or use the e-mail form below.

Thank you kindly for choosing us for your massage needs and desires. :-)